India presentation

Camarade airsofteur, le petit passage qui s'impose avant d'aller plus loin, la présentation !
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India presentation

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I set up this thread to present myself. I am J. Santos A.K.A. India. I come from Spain. I have just landed on the border between Luxembourg and Belgium.

I have been practising airsoft (just milsim) for 7-8 years. I was a founder member of Medusa Recon Commandos. It is a team specialised in reconning, infiltration, sniping and sabotage. I am planning to go back to action as soon as I find a serious team and I gather some money to buy an AEG here. You can know more about me in (I am John J. Irons)

I have a very high level of English and a native level of Spanish. I am learning French, but I speak like a baby in such language. I have a car and I can be in any part 200kmtrs away from Arlon on a weekly basis.

I decided to present myself to you, to try luck and see if I am aligned with your team. Sorry for not posting this presentation in French, but I don't trust google translator.